Who We Are

Here at FLX Micros, we want to help change the way you eat! We decided to specialize in microgreens because of their potent health benefits and their incredible flavors and textures. Our mission is to improve the health of our local community while utitlizing sustainable agricultural methods. For the cost of a single meal at any fast food joint, enjoy a weekly subscription of fresh, locally grown microgreens delivered right to your front door! We cater to individuals, restaurants, workplaces, juice bars, health food stores, yoga studios and fitness centers. Even if you didnt make the aforementioned list, we will deliver to you!

  • The Newest Superfood

    Our microgreens are vegan, Non-GMO and grown organically. Harvested just after emergence of the first set of true leaves, microgreens boast up to 4-6x the amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals compared to fully matured plants and vegetables. Microgreens are being found to be one of the healthiest utilizations of a food source on this planet! So much dense nutrition... all with a 10-day crop cycle, which is 95% less time than the same field grown crop!

  • Easy To Implement, Easier To Use

    Incorporating microgreens into your daily diet will increase the nutrient content of your meals and aid in improving overall health. Microgreens can be eaten raw, blended by themselves or with your favorite nutritional shake. They will enhance any salad, sandwich or wrap. Add to hot meals like soup or stir-fry after removed from heat, or beautify charcuterie boards, appetizers and entrees with a nutritious garnish!

  • Beyond Sustainable Agriculture

    Microgreens are one of the most sustainable forms of agriculture. They utilize small amounts of water, require no fertilizer or pesticides, are grown in reusable trays of recycled materials, all waste is fully compostable AND our packaging is also certified compostable! All of these practices completely eliminate all facets of environmental impact that conventional agriculture faces. This promotes a healthy and sustainable community!

  • Exceptional Local Freshness

    When our microgreens enter your refrigerator or walk-in cooler, they will have been harvested within 24 hours. This ensures superior quality and maximum shelf life. This kind of quality is simply not available in the supermarket. Our subscription option will allow for streamlined growth and delivery every week, automatically! Just remember to leave a cooler out on delivery day if you know you won't be home, or choose a a local pick-up point option!