About Us

Hello and welcome!
I would personally like to thank you for visiting with us today and checking the About Us section of this website. My name is Matt McGrane. I have a deep rooted love for the Finger Lakes Region and the surrounding communities that comprise it. Having lived and worked in multiple states around the country, my opinion has become that of Dorothy... There is just no place like home. 
I am local lad, raised in a restaurant- El Montes- owned by my father, Joe, and operated in part by both my parents, immediate family, and a multitude of good friends. I am a Horseheads Senior Highschool graduate and Corning Community College alum. Upon graduating CCC, I attended SUNY Cobleskill and obtained a BT in Plant Science/Horticulture degree. Growing plants has always been a form of personal passion for me- I find it very meditative and quite therapeutic. Beyond that, what I found is that growing microgreens has become somewhat of my own personal salvation. 
I was living in Florida and installing residential solar when COVID hit. Times were tough, and it eventually led me back home. Feeling down and lost like most in the country (and even world), I began doing research into what I could possibly do to come out of the COVID times not completely buried up to my neck in debt, stress, bills.. and all the lovely anxiety that comes with those things. Urban farming had been on the rise in recent years, but even moreso, I noticed a skyrocketing trend in microgreens. Urban farmers that can produce a crop, all year long, every single week like clockwork. Cool... baby plants. "So what?," I thought. Whats the big deal?
The big deal is that microgreens are highly coveted by those who have even heard of them before, and for a wide variety of reasons. Sunflower and Pea are huge in the health and fitness and weight loss niche. More tender specimens like Broccoli, Cabbage and Radish are utilized frequently in culinary fields. Research goes on to show that ALL microgreens, whatever their usage, on average have 4-6 times the amount of nutrients adult/fully matured plants exude, and in some cases, far more even still. These nutrients include names such as: all 9 essential amino acids, Vitamins K, E, and C, lutein, sulforaphane... the list literally goes on and on. (To do your own further research, I have included a variety of resources here). Many of these nutrients are not only crucial to the cellular building blocks of our lives but also have an immediate impact on our immunology, energy levels and general feelings of well-being. Some are believed to have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.
All that being said, I wanted an opportunity to share microgreens with the community I came back to. I am thrilled to be apart of enriching the community with a nutritious food source and continued education through controlled environment agriculture. I would urge you to utilize the aforementioned resources to find out more about what these tiny powerhouses are capable of! 
Wishing you well, 
Matt, FLX Micros