Our Process

    Our Process
  • All of your microgreens are grown to order, and the plants' lifecycle determines our "weekly schedule."
  • The microgreen species we grow all have a 10-day crop cycle, from planting to harvest. We plant on Mondays and Tuesdays and harvest on Thursday and Fridays.
  • The cutoff time for order each week is Monday at 6PM, although preferably sooner. This will also be when each subscription order is renewed. The subscription will fulfill and your order will be planted for Friday delivery the following week.
  •  When we deliver, if you know you will be not be home, leave a cooler out in a specified place. This will ensure your microgreens are cool and fresh on your arrival home and ready to be used over the weekend at their freshest!
  • Please be aware that if you place or edit an order after Monday at 6PM, you will not receive an order delivery or see the desired outcome of the edited order on the Friday of the same week! 
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