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  • Kaleidoscope Multi-Mix
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Kaleidoscope Multi-Mix

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$11.00 USD

This mix is synonymous with a "rainbow" microgreen mix and meant to rival what is attainable through food distributors. This mix is specifically geared toward restaurants  but is available to anyone who wants it! It's main intent is literally to be colorful and vibrant. Used as toppers, side garnishes, and edible decoration, our kaleidoscope multi-mix will wow any dinner party guest or thoroughly transform the plates at your restaurant!

The mix consists of equal parts Broccoli, Red Cabbage, Kohlrabi, a pink radish and a purple radish, 'China Rose' and 'Rambo' by default.

8oz of Rainbow Mix from a food distributor is over $25. For half the price and a product harvested within hours, we will turn you into Kaleidoscope fans :)