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  • Purple Radish Microgreens
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Purple Radish Microgreens

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The purple radish microgreen cultivar that we grow is 'Rambo'

-Radish microgreens have been shown to increase the glucose
uptake of cells by 25-44%, which can help mitigate the intensity of
diabetes as well as helping to prevent diabetes development
-Concentrated levels of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium,
sodium and phosphorus
-High levels of dietary fiber, niacin, folate and riboflavin
-Definitely the spiciest microgreen we grow
-Elevated levels of vitamins A, B1 and B6, C, E and K
Best uses: on sandwiches/ in wraps as a lettuce replacement,
mixed into lettuce, kale or spinach based salads, other cold salads,
incorporated into soups and stir-fry or used as an appetizer or
entrée toppers