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  • Sunflower Shoots
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Sunflower Shoots

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Our sunflower shoots are grown from the cultivar 'Black Oil' - the same cultivar responsible for over 90% of the sunflower oil produced worldwide.

-A 1/4 cup of sunflower shoots boasts 6g of protein
-Sunflower shoots contain all 9 essential amino acids
-Sunflower micros boast loads of potassium, copper, magnesium,
calcium and phosphorus
-Contain a particularly high zinc content, which aids in digestive
regularity and immune health
-High in vitamins A, C and K
-Highly digestible and absorptive nutrients
-Exude a nutty, semi-sweet flavor
Best uses: as a smoothie base, on sandwiches/in wraps, in salads and our personal favorite to eat like a potato chip!